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This page is just to be a quick index of my faves (and my fave ships)! So, you know, nobody is caught off-guard, because I tend to have ships that make people very angry, lmao.
All ships are order-relevant, though most of the time I don't mind the reverse I just don't seek it out.
(Any NOTPs/landmines are usually for wildly petty reasons, never moral ones, lmao, I don't care which dolls you want to make kiss.)

Paradox Live

Fave: Kanata
Other Faves: Nayuta, Saimon, Aoi, Iori
I'm weirdly close to a hakooshi with Paralive, but these are my boystm
OTP: Nayuta/Kanata
Other Major Ships: Iori/Kanata, Saimon/Yohei, Shion/Kenta, Yohei/Iori, Anne/Aoi, Toma/Aoi, Chungsung/Dongha, Chungsung/Hajun
Landmines/NOTPs: Allen/Kanata


Fave: Hisoka
Other Faves: Guy, Chikage, Azuma
OTP: Chikage/Hisoka
Other Major Ships: Guy/Hisoka, Guy/Chikage, Guy/Chikage/Hisoka OT3, Tasuku/Azuma
Landmines/NOTPs: Chikage with anyone but Hisoka/Guy/Sakuya/August, but especially Chikage/Itaru

Mahoutsukai no Yakusoku

Fave: Rustica
Other Faves: Chloe, Riquet, Lennox
OTP: Rustica/Chloe
Other Major Ships: Shylock/Murr, Nero/Riquet
Landmines/NOTPs: Rustica or Chloe with anyone outside of Western country, especially Owen
I also strongly dislike Riquet/Nero in that order but it's already not popular so I'll grin and bear it


Fave: Yamato
Other Faves: Yuki, TRIGGER, Minami
OTP: Yamato/Yuki (reversible)
Other Major Ships: Any combination of TRIGGER
Landmines/NOTPs: Yuki/Momo, Tamaki/Tenn, Ryuu/Sougo

The Idolm@ster SideM

Faves: Altessimo
Other Faves: Jupiter, W, Shiro
OTP: Kei/Rei
Other Major Ships: Any possible combination of W/Jupiter
Landmines/NOTPs: None at present

Touken Ranbu

Fave: Souza
Other Faves: Kousetsu, Sayo, Taikou, Higekiri, Hizamaru, Nakigitsune, Hakusan, Kokindenjunotachi, Jizou
OTP: Higekiri/Hizamaru
Other Major Ships: Hasebe/Souza as bitter divorcees -> Yagen/Souza, bad end!Saniwa/Souza, Kokindenjunotachi/Jizou
Landmines/NOTPs: None at present

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