Touken Danshi Picker

A Touken Danshi "picker" that operates using Butterfree's Favorite Pokemon Picker code so you don't have to do 50,000 1v1 matchups, as you would with the more common character ranker code. (You'll still do some 1v1s, but significantly fewer.)

Pick your favorites out of the array you are given and select "pick" (you can also double click/double tap if you are only choosing one character). Keep picking out of each batch, and eventually your faves will start coming up on the right/below. You can stop after a top 5/10/20/whatever, or continue sorting until you rank every character. You can check out some notes on how it works underneath the sorter, or read the actual creator's explanation on the original sorter at the link above.

There is no functionality for ties, but if you think something has gotten out of order in your results, you can drag and drop to manually rearrange the results.

Currently updated up through Kashagiri (January 2024). Ping me on Twitter if it's fallen out of date.

Found favorites


In short: it works by elimination. To make progress you have to select at least one from every batch. Once a character is 'eliminated' by a certain character -- as in, once he has been in a batch from which you choose at least one character, but he himself is not chosen -- he will not reappear until every character that "beaten" him has been sorted.

For example: if you are asked to choose between Souza, Hasebe, Mikazuki, Tsurumaru, and Hotarumaru, and you choose only Souza -- and you are in this example, because this is my sorter and he's my favorite -- then Hasebe, Mikazuki, Tsurumaru, and Hotarumaru are all noted as being eliminated by Souza and thus will not appear again until Souza appears in the 'found favorites', whereupon they will all shuffle back in. If in that round you instead chose Souza and Hasebe, then Mikazuki, Tsurumaru, and Hotarumaru would all not appear until Souza and Hasebe are both sorted into "found favorites", in whatever order they end up there; and so on.

As a result, picking "pass" effectively just re-shuffles the current pool without making progress, as it does not mark any touken danshi as eliminated by any other.

Note that you'll still end up doing 1v1s as the pool narrows, but allowing for large-batch dismissals early on mean you don't have to spend time sorting your 62st and 63rd favorite characters before you can start viewing your results. It should vastly expediate the process if you want to isolate a top 5/10/20/whatever have you. If you choose only one from each batch, you'll start getting sorted favorites in under 20 rounds.

If you want to isolate a few top faves, you'll get results very quickly if you just pick one or two per round; if you want to instead do a top 40, it may be easier to pick anyone you think MIGHT end up in that top 40 and then start narrowing down once everyone who's definitely not in the running has been eliminated. Or just sort the entire list if you want to know exactly how all 110 touken danshi measure up to each other for you, do what you want.

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