Touken Ranbu Kai - Kyoden Moyuru Honnouji Fansubs

I am a renowned Odagumi lover. Kyoden is my single favorite part of the Touken Ranbu franchise, since it's what brought me to the dance. Souza Samonji is my forever-fave toudan and I am super duper normal about him.

So imagine my irritation when not only was Touken Ranbu Kai not picked up officially (whatever, I can live with that), but then a horrible MTL "fansub" started getting distributed.

So out of anger, I taught myself how to fansub. No, I don't know why I'm like this, either.

Note that the basic links are pure subtitle files, not full encoded "fansubs" as you might imagine them, per se; that is, there is no video file. They're basically fancy strings of timecoded text that need to be loaded into a compatible player (ex: VLC), or a standalone subtitle player (I use Penguin, but there are others). You need to provide your own version of the video for these, which I rest assured that you will do totally legally, since DMM are very friendly and make things super accessible to overseas saniwa.
Also totally unrelatedly, here is a link to SoftEther with the VPN Gate Plugin, which is totally free and open-source and is one of the few VPNs with which I've had success getting around DMM's region locking. (It may take a few tries to find a connection they'll accept, but it will work in the end; try connections with shorter uptime and fewer connections.)

Magnet links lead to torrents. Open them with your torrent client.

You are encouraged to share these around and redistribute them! This means you have my blessing to distribute them, use them for hardsubs, distribute them with a copy of the episode, directly share them in your discord, etc. I don't require any more explicit credit. Just don't be weird and claim you made them yourself, nor scrub my one (1) unobtrusive creditline.

Please be warned that I am going to be on vacation in Japan while episodes 5-7 are airing, so the latter half of the series will be delayed! I'm a one-man dog and pony show, and I have to translate, edit, and time these subs myself.

Episode Subtitles