Paradox Live Opening Show -Road to Legend- - VISTY

VISTY: Good eveVISTY!!
Shogo: All of our Stellas are the source of our strength! I'm Visty's big brother, Shogo!
Aoi: I want this sweet time with our Stellas to last forever... I'm Aoi! Come with us into the land of dreams!
Kantaro: My smile is worth a million Likes! Social media expert Kantaro~! Whoo! Everyone go drop a follow, okay?
Toma: Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all-all-all? That would be me-me-me! It's Toma!
Shogo: And the four of us are -- say it with us -- VISTY!
[sfx: wildly fake stock cheering sfx]
Toma: Yay-yay!
Aoi: I'm so glad we could meet again, my Stellas.
Shogo: This marks the beginning of another VISTY StellaLive! And our topic for today is, of course... say it together now!
VISTY: Paradox Live: Road to Legend!
[sfx: wildly fake stock cheer and trumpet]
Toma: Yay-yay! Everyone's all hyped up!
Shogo: Of course we are. We just finished up our performance at CLUB Paradox, there's no way we could contain our excitement after that.
Kantaro: For real, my heart was pounding so hard I thought I was gonna explode. See, Aoi? My cheeks are still sooo flushed. Wanna touch?
Aoi: I do not. Why would I want to touch your cheeks for no reason, Kantaro?
Kantaro: Then what about you, Toma?
Toma: Sure, but that means I can do a skin barrier check to see if you've kept up your moisturizing, right?
Kantaro: Wait, nononono, I stayed up super late last night, nevermind, it's off!
Shogo: Okay, okay, let's get back on topic. We haven't even gotten past announcing the topic.
Kantaro: Right~
Shogo: I believe that our Stellas probably know this already, but to make it official: VISTY have made it through the qualifiers for Paradox Live: Road to Legend!
[sfx: wildly fake stock cheer and trumpet]
Kantaro: Yaaay! We did it! [making verbal fireworks sfx]
Toma: That's awesome, isn't it? Like, it's super awesome!
Kantaro: Look, look, the congratulation comments are flooding in!
Aoi: What do they say?
Shogo: Let me see... "con-con-congratulations!"
Toma: Well, thanky thanky thank you very much!
Shogo: "I nearly lost it when they announced the results."
Kantaro: Me, too! Twinsies~
Shogo: "I'm so happy!"
Aoi: If our success could bring you joy, then that makes me happy as well. We'll keep doing our best!
Shogo: "I just got so excited I stubbed my toe against my chair just now"... are you alright? And then, after that, uh, "VISTY is the best!"
Kantaro: Waaah, I'm really feeling the love!
Aoi: Truly... we'll be sure to win the first round as well.
Shogo: Yeah.
Toma: Yeah, but we sure have one heck of an opponent lined up, don't we?
Kantaro: Aw, man...
Toma: It's way past "aw man", you know? It's crazy, like, we're seriously having to go against cozme--
Aoi: Ah--!
Toma: Uh... [sigh]
Shogo: Ah... everyone's comments are coming in again. Yeah, we're up against cozmez. Pretty tough matchup, huh?
Aoi: ... it... is.
Shogo: But we're still going to do our best!
Toma: Yeah yeah yeah! After all, that's just how it is. Just gotta play the hand you're dealt!
Kantaro: Yeah, yeah! I'll be giving it my all, too! That's why we're gonna need looots and lots of support from everyone, okay?
Shogo: Alright, I think we'll wrap up the comment response portion here. Next up is... the request corner! First off, a request for Toma! Could you please do a "Dokkon Love"?[1]
Toma: Alright, alright, here we go~! [bgm cutting out, bizarre reverb effect] ✨Dokkon Love
Shogo: Next is for Aoi. They're requesting a bit of sweet talk.
Aoi: I'll protect you from anything that tries to harm you, so save your love only for me. [blowing kiss, laugh]
Shogo: Next is Kantaro!
Kantaro: Present!
Shogo: They're asking you to act turbo-baby.
Kantaro: Heeey, feed me a bite of your ice cream, okay~? Aaaah. No? If you say no, then I'll cry~. Heh~!
Toma: Lastly for Sho-chin, they're asking for what gummies you'd recommend most at the moment?
Shogo: Eh... what am I, some kind of candy salesman...? Well, I guess it's fine. Gummies are life, after all. I suppose my current top reccomendation is... lobster flavor!
Toma, Kantaro, Aoi: Lobster?
Toma: Wait-wait-wait, what's up with that just now? It sounds like something out of a grossout flick!
Shogo: And that's all the time we have for today!
Toma: You're just gonna say "lobster flavored gummies" and leave us hanging!?
Shogo: Thank you so much for tuning in today, and we look forward to seeing you at the next one!
Shogo: And with that, we've been VISTY!
Toma: No, no, no, circle back to the lobster thing!!

[stream ends]

VISTY: [collective sigh]
Shogo: Sorry about that, guys...
Toma: What're you apologizing for, Sho-chin?
Shogo: Talking about cozmez really tanked the mood...
Toma: That was my bad, sorry! The name just slipped out without thinking.
Shogo: I got really tilted by all the comments about cozmez, and I should have recovered quicker...
Aoi: I don't think anyone could blame you...
Kantaro: Whoa, we got over 10,000 viewers today!
Toma: Whoa, how many more times the usual is that?
Kantaro: Who cares how many more times it is? It's far and away the best viewership we've had in like, ever! And look, our longtime fans left a ton of comments too! Yay! It looks like everyone had fun!
Aoi: I'm glad to hear that.
Toma: And it looks like we got some new fans in the mix, too!
Shogo: Just as we thought, the Paradox Live is really getting eyes on us.
Kantaro: But here... the comments really started spiking when we mentioned cozmez...
Shogo: ... I guess cozmez really pull a lot of weight, huh.
Kantaro: Wait... oh my god, look how many comments are about them!
Toma: Oof...
Shogo: The reigning champs, huh...
VISTY: [collective sigh]
Toma: It feels like some kind of sick prank...
Kantaro: For real...
Shogo: How are we gonna pull out a win against them...
Aoi: ... why... after we worked so hard to get this far...
Toma: We pulled the short straw again, didn't we?
Shogo, Aoi: For real.
Toma: [sigh] ... Kantaro? You've been really quiet, what are you-- oh, are you egosearching again?
Kantaro: Yep. You got a problem with that?
Toma: Nope, we're all used to it at this point.
Kantaro: Oh, here's a good one. There was a TV talk show segment on the Paradox Live. Nice. They must have be including VISTY, right? Let's take a little looksee.
[sfx: beep]

TV Host: Ooh, but the famous movie actor Yamato Takumi's son, Yamato Shogo, is going to be appearing in Paradox Live soon, isn't he?
Shogo: ...!
TV Host: Looks like lil' Yamato Jr. is the leader of the idol group VISTY. Sure looks like his old man, don't he? Wait, the only part that looks alike is the earlobes? None of his dad's good looks at all! This kid looks plain as hell!
[sfx: studio audience laughter]
TV Host: What about you, Matsunami-san? What do you make of this kid?
Guest: Takumi's son, is it? Well, to be honest, I've never met him myself, but I did work with his father back in the day. Takumi really was a true movie star of his time. I'm sure our audience is familiar already, but his film Delway, oh Delway made over ten million yen in the box office. Even after his passing, Takumi' presence looms large in film with such vividness that--
TV Host: Wait a sec, Mr. Matsunami, we were talking about Yamato Jr., remember? You're just going on about Takumi-san himself! What a laugh. Anyways, moving onto the next team--

[sfx: TV turning off, remote clattering]

Shogo: ...
Kantaro: Shogo, sorry, I--
Shogo: No, I'm sorry for suddenly...
Aoi: You can't let it get to you, Shogo.
Shogo: I know! I know... I just... [nauseous noises] I'm sorry, just give me a sec...
[sfx: Shogo leaving]
Aoi: Shogo!
Toma: Don't worry, I got this one.
[sfx: Toma following Shogo]
Kantaro: Ah... I fucked up, didn't I...
Aoi: ... sure looks like it.

[sfx: toilet flushing as Shogo hurls and retches; door opening]
Toma: Sho-chin, you holding up?
Shogo: [panting]
Toma: ... guess that's a no, huh?
Shogo: It's always about my dad...
Toma: Mm.
Shogo: No matter where I go, no matter what I do, it's always about dad, dad, dad-- [retching, coughing] All anyone cares about is him. They never see me for me. Why? Why is it always like this? I am... me.
Toma: Mm...
Shogo: I'm my own damn person! I'm Yamato... Shogo! So why do they always... [retching, gagging] ... is that really all I'm worth...
Toma: Of course not. We were only able to make it through the Paralive qualifiers because we had you leading us, Sho-chin.
Shogo: ...?
Toma: That's got nothing to do with your father. It's just about you. It's because you, Yamato Shogo, were leading us, and preserving what makes us VISTY. That's why we're able to make the music we wanted to!
Shogo: Toma...
Toma: You know I'm right~.
Shogo: I... guess... if you say so, then... [retching]
Toma: Ah, sorry! Don't force yourself to answer. Anyways, throw up as much as you need, okay? You don't have to hold it in, let it all out.


Aoi: ... doesn't look like Shogo's going to stop throwing up any time soon.
Kantaro: Sure seems that way...
Aoi: Are you still egosearching?
Kantaro: Ah... a hate comment here, too... and another one, it's nothing but haters in here... I fucking hate this...
Aoi: If you hate it, then why don't you just stop seeking it out?
Kantaro: This one's about you, Aoi.
Aoi: I'm sure it is.
Kantaro: "The whole 'prince' act is so cringe", it says.
Aoi: Shut up.
Kantaro: "Aren't prince-type idols super outdated?"
Aoi: You don't have to read them out loud!
Kantaro: Ugh, and here's a bunch that are about me... "Kantaro's always acting so fake cutesypoo, like, stfu you fake e-girl"... "He's not even cute, it makes my skin crawl"...
Aoi: ... doesn't reading all those hate comments make you miserable?
Kantaro: Totally miserable.
Aoi: Then maybe you should stop.
Kantaro: No can do. It's even scarier if I don't know what they're saying about me.
Aoi: But what good does knowing do you?
Kantaro: This one's about Toma... "Toma spent the entire stream with his face at the same angle LMFAO", "he's way too vain", "even his smile is fucking plastic"...
Toma: Hey, who's "plastic"? I'll have you know I put a lot of effort into my skincare to look this fresh and smooth~
Aoi: Ah, welcome back.
Toma: Hm... but if I don't keep the same angle all the time, how else am I suppposed to make sure the camera only gets my good side? ... ah, ah... on my chin, is that... a pimple? Better get some product on that stat, just in case.
Aoi: How's Shogo? Is he doing any better?
Toma: He'll be a bit, I'm afraid.
Aoi: I see...
Toma: Mm.
Aoi: Hey, Toma, can you intervene? Kantaro can't stop egosearching.
Toma: Well, I mean, it's natural to be curious, especially after the kind of day we had.
Kantaro: Yeah, yeah, exactly, this guy gets it! ... ooh, VISTY is trending[2]? And it's from today, too. ... oh, no, this is even nastier than the stuff before... "Didn't VISTY disband already? idfc"... "I listened to their new song and the singing was fine as usual, but it was pretty mid"...
Toma: Oof, just non-stop disses, huh...
Kantaro: Ah... ...
Toma: What's up? Why'd you go quiet all of a sudden?
Kantaro: Look at this.
Toma: Huh? "So if VISTY are just Kei's leftovers now, doesn't that make them... LeftoVISTY[3]? lol"
Toma, Kantaro, Aoi: [collective sigh]
Toma: Kei, huh... sure wasn't expecting to see him at CLUB Paradox...
Aoi: He was there, with 1mm8.
Kantaro: After he abandoned us and then... what's up with that? Kei was our center! If he hadn't ditched us then we wouldn't be...
Aoi: There were comments like that during the livestream too, weren't there. Stuff like "it's not really VISTY without Kei".
Toma: Guess we're never gonna be allowed to forget that, huh...
Kantaro: Mood.
Aoi: Honestly, we only ever got popular to begin with because Kei was with us... not like I'm not grateful for the 10,000 viewers we just had, but back when we were with Kei, we'd have viewerships over 100,000, and--
Kantaro: Don't say it! I don't wanna hear it!
Toma: Honestly, being teamed up with a talent like Kei was super rough... He's got the looks, he's a great composer, and even his Phantoms are top tier... compared to that, what do the rest of us have?
Kantaro: Don't act like we're no good at all!
Toma: But after Kei left, VISTY was really left as an idol group on the brink, you know? I was hoping we could stick it out a little longer, though. Maybe I'd be able to make it if I were just a little better looking, y'know?
Aoi: ... [sigh] Great, so now we're all miserable. What are you going to do about it, Kantaro? It's your fault for searching up all those hate comments to read out.
Kantaro: Hah? What do you mean by that? It's a good thing that haters are dissing us, you know? At least it means people are paying attention! If we'd tanked out of the qualifiers, nobody would be saying anything about VISTY at all! And if nobody says anything about us, then all the media will drop off, and our followers and likes are gonna tank, and we'd disappear completely! We'd go from on the brink to totally gone, into the shadows, poof, no more!! There's no way I could deal with that, I don't want that to happen!
Aoi: It's not like I want that to happen either! ... If it weren't for VISTY, I...
[sfx: footsteps approaching]
Shogo: Hey.
Toma: Sho-chin!
Shogo: If you get that much then... keep your heads up.
Toma, Aoi, Kantaro: Huh?
Shogo: Right now, VISTY are beaten and broken down... but we still made it through the qualifiers.
Kantaro: Barely.
Shogo: Barely still counts. Even if we scrape past by the skin of our teeth, a victory is still a victory. And if we lose now, it's really over for us. Paradox Live: Road to Legend is our last chance. It's not like we might disappear; we will disappear. So why hang our heads and turn away from our last chance at glimpsing the light of stardom? That's what I think. I didn't get into the music industry just so I could hug the toilet bowl and hurl, but-- [nauseous sounds]
Toma: Ah, wait, quick, back to the toilet--
Shogo: [swallowing thickly] I'm fine! [panting] ... Who does VISTY make music for?
Toma, Aoi, Kantaro: ...
Shogo: Who are we trying to reach with VISTY's songs?
Aoi: It's for...
Kantaro: All of the Stellas who are cheering us on...
Shogo: You saw it while we were on the Paralive stage today, didn't you? And you felt it during our livestream just now, right? The support and love of all of the fans who have been following us all this time. We want to make music that helps them make their dreams come true. We want to make music that can give them smiles, and strength, and joy. That's why VISTY make music! That's what the four of us decided on back when Kei left us, on the day we got backed into this corner. That's why we'll win against cozmez! For the sake of our future together as VISTY, together with all of our Stellas!
Toma: Shogo...!
Aoi: ... right!
Kantaro: That's right.
Shogo: I won't let things end like this. I refuse! ... [retches] Oh, shit, I can't hold it in any longer, I'm gonna hurl--
Toma: Hold it in!
Aoi: Toilet, get to the toilet! Kantaro, grab him and we can carry him to--
Kantaro: Ah!? Grab where!? How!?
Aoi: Under his arms, his arms! Don't grab his foot! His arm!
Shogo: Guys if you jerk me around like that I'm gonna--
Aoi: Crap, no!
Kantaro: What?
Aoi: I already told you!
Toma: Just keep it together 'til we get to the bathroom!
Aoi: What's wrong with you!?

[1] So the official translation on this vis a vis the facebook appeal videos is "from the heart with love", but I need you to know, I looked for ages and even the Japanese fandom was like "what the hell is dokkon love (lol)" so I think the safest assumption is just that it's an in-universe running joke.
[2] What he actually says is that it's a thread, but I figure this more or less communicates the point.
[3] The kasty/kusty/kasutii nickname, which is presumably a portmanteau of 'カス' (garbage, scum, dregs, leftovers) and 'VISTY'. I think 'LeftoVISTY', as in leftovers + VISTY, gets the point across well.

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