Paradox Live Opening Show -Road to Legend- - AMPRULE

[sfx: clock ticking, car in motion]
Chungsung: Dongha-bocchama[1], excellent work at the Paradox Live - Road to Legend- event today.
Dongha: Hmph.
Chungsung: The legendary team BURAIKAN truly live up to their reputation, no?
Dongha: I suppose.
Chungsung: But even taking that into account, truly, Dongha-bocchama shines the most brilliantly.
Dongha: Ha?
Chungsung: You possess a lyricism far beyond that of the ordinary person, and a god-given presence. It is not only your inborn talents; you also possess the charisma of a king. To even be able to so much as kneel at the side of such a presence is a blessing of deep ecstasy that is far greater than a person of my lowly status deserves. [kiss sfx]
Dongha: ... tch. [huff]
Chungsung: Of course, nothing less is to be expected of the heir apparent of the Yeon Conglomerate.
Dongha: Chungsung.
Chungsung: Yes, sir?
Dongha: What about hi-- ... ... what about Hajun?
Chungsung: Well, let's see... his group put on an impressive show, but I for one do not believe that they will prove to be any obstacle to AMPRULE.
Dongha: Hmph!
Chungsung: However, with that said...
Dongha: --?
Chungsung: The matter of public opinion may be another matter entirely, I'm sad to say.
Dongha: What do you mean by that.
Chungsung: In the previous Paradox Live, BAE had the chance to make their power and presence known to the world. By contrast, AMPRULE may appear to be newcomers; it is no exaggeration to say that AMPRULE has no name recognition and no presence whatsoever yet.
Dongha: What are you trying to say?
Chungsung: Nothing but the unfortunate truth. Simply that we must win.
Dongha: ...
Chungsung: We must chiefly focus on defeating BAE in the first battl–
Dongha: Silence! Why are you acting as though there's any doubt about it?
Chungsung: I humbly ask your forgiveness.
Dongha: "BAE's power and presence"? Hah! What kind of pathetic attempt at a joke is that? They would crumple under a stiff breeze! AMPRULE's music is sublime, the likes of which can only be wielded by the select few such as myself. Our sound that will obliterate all those bottom-feeding worms without leaving a trace behind. There's no doubt that the rabble will understand soon enough. They'll see how much of a vulgar farce all of Hajun's conceited prattle is! I'll crush them... I'll grind them all into dust under my heel! I am of noble birth! I'm the heir of the noble Yeon Conglomerate! I'll prove that I'm nothing like that filthy mutt! That's why AMPRULE was formed!
Chungsung: Yes... certainly, certainly, excuse me for speaking out of line, I accept any punishment you see fit to administer–
[sfx: Dongha kicking the back of Chungsung's driver seat]
Chungsung: –!
Dongha: I'm sick of you running your mouth! Shut up and drive.
Chungsung: My apol–
Dongha: Do I have to repeat myself!?
Chungsung: U-understood, sir.


[sfx: footsteps, door opening and closing, footsteps]
Dongha: Chungsung. Where's my change of clothes?
Chungsung: Right here.
Dongha: Well, what are you waiting for, then? I don't want to have to spend a second longer wearing clothes tainted by sharing air with him.
Chungsung: Certainly.
[sfx: clothes rustling]
Dongha: ... hm? ... Chungsung. What's that box over there?
Chungsung: That would be the goods you ordered.
Dongha: Ah, it's that. Give it to me.
Chungsung: Yes, sir. But, should I not prepare your change of clothes firs–
Dongha: Chungsung.
Chungsung: ... as you wish. Please forgive my rudeness.
[sfx: box opening]
Chungsung: Here you are. This is a bell that you may use to summon me, Dongha-bocchama. Please, by all means, give it a try.
[sfx: bell chime]
Dongha: ... hm? There are two of them here.
Chungsung: Indeed. One was crafted by a renowned master of goldsmithing[2]. The handle is adorned with diamonds; the body is cast from brass, the clapper made of a hard resin chosen to elicit the clearest tone. As for the other, it was made by a craftsman who is reputable, but who has not yet made a name for themself.
Dongha: [softly] ... what?
Chungsung: By all means, Dongha-bocchama, inspect them and select whichever of the two that you prefer–
Dongha: Whichever of the two?
Chungsung: Yes. Whichever one you find most pleases your ears, your eyes, your fingers– please select the one which you find superior, Dongha-bocchama.
Dongha: Which one... I find superior, was it?
Chungsung: ... is something the matter, Dongha-bocchama?
Dongha: What kind of nonsense is that? Why are you letting garbage come out of your mouth?
Chungsung: Dongha-boccha–
Dongha: Even you can tell which one is better, can't you!?
Dongha: "A reputable craftsman"? Where do you get that kind of garbage? That means nothing to me! Don't tell me you're parroting nonsense from the vulgar rabble. You are, aren't you?
Chungsung: No. Of course, it's nothing of the sort–
Dongha: Shut your damn mouth!
[sfx: bell ringing, Chungsung gagging in pain]
Dongha: Is this it, then? The throat that you let such nonsense spill from?
Chungsung: [choking]! Like... that...! Choke... harder...! At least, the bells–
Dongha: I don't care about the bells!
[sfx: bell clattering, Chungsung being hurled away]
Dongha: You understand why I had to punish you, don't you, Chungsung.
Chungsung: No... no, I don't, Dongha-bocchama.
Dongha: Do you really not know?
[sfx: bell ringing, Dongha hitting Chungsung]
Chungsung: –! Yes, sir. Please, punish me like the thoughtless, ignorant worm I am.
Dongha: I'll keep doing it until it sinks in! Chungsung, what did you ask me to choose?
Chungsung: – the superior bell–
Dongha: You dare compare me like this?
Chungsung: I had no such intention, I was merely speaking of the bell–!
[sfx: Dongha beating Chungsung, bell ringing, the sound of a tight grip]
Dongha: Between Hajun and me, which is superior!?
Chungsung: ... of course, bocchama is.
Dongha: Who deserves to be head of the family!?
[sfx: bell ringing, impact of beating]
Chungsung: Dongha-bocchama!
Dongha: Who is worthy beyond any shadow of a doubt!?
[sfx: ring, impact]
Chungsung: –! Dongha-bocchama!
Dongha: That's right! I'm the greatest!
Chungsung: Yes, sir, and I am a mere worm unfit to grace your presence–
Dongha: It's not just you! Everyone but me is disposable! That's the undeniable truth!
[sfx: ring, impact]
Chungsung: Bocchama, if you–!
[sfx: ring, impact]
Chungsung: Keep hitting that hard–!
[sfx: ring, impact]
Chungsung: The bell will–! –!
Dongha: Say it again! Keep repeating it, Chungsung! Who is –
[sfx: ring, impact]
Dongha: -- unquestionably --
[sfx: ring, impact]
Dongha: superior!
Chungsung: Of course, it's Dongha-bocchama–
[sfx: ring, impact]
Chungsung: -- ah!
Dongha: [breathing heavily] That's right I am! I'm the chosen one! It's me that was chosen!
[sfx: the bell being thrown aside]
Dongha: [muttering, getting quieter as he goes along] That's right, that's right, that's right! Me, not Hajun! Even with everyone saying Hajun this, Hajun that, Hajun, Hajun, Hajun! Hajun is nothing but a loser, Hajun has already lost the game! The Yeon conglomerate has no need for him! Father doesn't even love him! It's me that father loves, not Hajun! Me, me, me, me, not that loser Hajun! I'm going to win! I'm the only one that's going to win! [back at normal speaking volume] The one who's going to win the Paradox Live -Road to Legend- and stand at the top– it's me! It's AMPRULE! Isn't that right, Chungsung!?
Chungsung: [catching his breath] Y-yes, sir.
Dongha: And once I've won, I'll force Hajun to kneel before me! I'll expose him in front of everybody, without letting him talk or grovel his way out of it! I won't let him get back up! I won't let even a fragment of his presence taint my sight or my ears ever again! Even in his next life, I'll hunt him down and crush him!
Chungsung: –!
Dongha: <Do you understand, Chungsung?>[3]
Chungsung: Yes, sir–
Dongha: I asked if you understand!
Chungsung: Yes, sir! Ah, ah, ah– hah–
Dongha: [breathing heavily]
Chungsung: [panting] Dongha-bocchama, what about this bell–?
Dongha: I have no use for garbage. Get rid of it.
Chungsung: –!
Dongha: ... I've worked up a sweat. Bath.
Chungsung: Yes, sir.
Dongha: After that. You'll work on the song.
Chungsung: As you wish it, it will be done, Dongha-bocchama.
Dongha: I'll defeat Hajun with AMPRULE's music. Then all of humanity will have to concede that I am the supreme champion...! [laughter]
[sfx: door slamming]

[1] I'm going to go full "keikaku means plan" here and leave 'bocchama' untranslated throughout. Don't @ me. It's basically just "young master", as in "young master Dongha", I just prefer the way "Dongha-bocchama" sounds and comes across; it's somewhat cloying, which I think lends a particular flavor to Chungsung's address of Dongha. (If there's an equivalent in Korean -- which I acknowledge is probably what they're speaking to each other in-universe and it's being translated for the sake of the audience -- I don't know it.)
[2] He calls the craftsman a “living national treasure”, 人間国宝, which has some nuances but basically just means ‘officially recognized really-good-at-their-craft guy'.
[3] He says this in Korean, which I do not speak, but I'm assuming via context from the next lines.

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