Paradox Live Consolation Round "SHOWDOWN" - VISTY

Aoi: [yawning] Good morning.
Shogo: Good morning, Aoi.
Toma: This is rare. You're usually up pretty early.
Aoi: Ah... yeah... I just had a bit of trouble sleeping...
Toma: I see.
Aoi: ... where's Kantaro? Has he not left his room today?
Toma: Ah... I haven't seen hide nor hair of him since the Paradox Live.
Aoi: He's gone total shut-in since then...?
Toma: Whenever I try to talk to him, he just yells, "go away!.
Shogo: This is on me... I should be doing a better job supporting you guys as your leader.
Toma: It's hardly your fault, Shochin.
Shogo: ...
Toma: ... [sigh] But I guess it's because we lost, huh.
Aoi: The results are what they are. We just have to accept that. ... we got a lot of support from our Stellas, too.
Toma: There's a whole lot of people saying we made a great showing, especially since cozmez are the reigning champs and all.
Shogo: ... but we still lost.
Toma: Shogo, you doing okay?
Shogo: Huh?
Toma: It just seems like you've got a lot on your mind.
Aoi: If something is troubling you, we want to hear about it. You shouldn't have to handle everything on your own.
Shogo: Ah... no, it's okay. I'm fine. I'm really just worried about Kantaro.
Toma: He really worries the most out of all of us what people say about him, doesn't he... being able to see the numbers go up in real time is really hard on him.
Shogo: He took over for Kei as VISTY's trackmaker, and he's been trying his hardest...
Aoi: He really put a lot of heart into our last song. He kept fiddling with it right up until the match, all to make sure that our Stellas would see VISTY at our very best. ... he acts like he's carefree, but in truth, he takes things seriously and he works really hard. ... I'm sure all of this has to be because he can't stop looking at the numbers...
Toma: ... alright! I've got it! We're not going to get anywhere by sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves. Let's go out somewhere!
Aoi: Go out? Where to?
Toma: You'll see when we get there! Shogo, can you use your leader powers to get Kantaro to come along?
Shogo: I don't know if we should force him...
Toma: Then just tell him you need to talk to him, or make up some other excuse. [clapping hands together] Come on, please?
Shogo and Aoi: ...


[sfx: car door slamming]
Toma: Tadaaa! I thought today would be a perfect day to go for a drive!
Aoi: Where did you get that car?
Toma: Thought you might ask that. I borrowed it from the company yesterday! Shame it isn't a convertible, though.
Kantaro: So you got a loaner car from the company. I thought you had something important you needed to tell me, but you just want to go for a drive? I'm not in the mood for this.
Toma: Hey now, don't say that!
[sfx: car door opening]
Toma: Alright, everyone pack in!
Kantaro: ...
Shogo: Kantaro, Toma went through a lot of trouble to get this car. You should come with.
[sfx: car door closing, seat belts buckling]
Kantaro: Seriously...
[sfx: engine starting]
Toma: Ahem! Alright, then, my dearest and most esteemed members of VISTY! Today we'll be taking a driving tour. Here we go~!
[sfx: car driving away]


Toma: Tadaa! And welcome to our first stop!
Kantaro: Isn't this just a shopping mall? We're going shopping?
Toma: Buzz. Wrong answer.
Kantaro: What, then?
Toma: Hehe. Take a look over there.
Aoi: ... a late breakfast?
Toma: Closer! You're getting warmer, but you're not quite there yet.
Shogo: Oh... wait, is this...
Toma: Yes, Shogo! Your answer, please?
Shogo: This is the mall where we had our first event, back when VISTY's debut song released.
Toma: Dingdingdingding! You got it!
[sfx: footsteps]
Toma: So! The first step on our driving tour is here!
Aoi: The CD shop where we had the unveiling event?
Shogo: It's been a while, huh?
Kantaro: ... so? What's the point of coming here after all this time?
Aoi: Hey, look over there!
Toma, Shogo, Kantaro: ...? --!
[sfx: footsteps]
Shogo: Those are our signatures from back then...
Aoi: Our signature boards...! They still have them hanging up...!
Toma: [laughs] Man, they were rough! Looking at them now, we were kinda bad at our signatures, huh?
Kantaro: ... there are five signatures here. ... When we did this, we had Kei with us.
Shogo: ... I remember this now. I was so nervous that I totally bungled my first speech.
Aoi: Kei was always really amazing at that stuff, wasn't he? He was already like a seasoned pro from the very start.
Toma: Our Stellas were-- oh, wait, we weren't calling our fans Stellas yet back then, were we? But they'd been lining up since early in the morning.
Aoi: Right? Seeing them all queued up, that was when it hit me that we really had become idols.
Shogo: This kind of is where VISTY got our start.
Toma: That said-- you got anything to add, Kantaro?
Kantaro: ... What do you want me to...
Girl 1: Hey, aren't those guys over there VISTY?
Girl 2: No way! Weren't they in the Paradox Live?!
[sfx: excited girls chattering in the bg]
Toma: Wuh-oh, looks like we've been spotted.
Shogo: If we cause a scene, it might cause problems for the store.
Aoi: We should get out of here.
Shogo: Ah.
Toma: Roger-dodger!
Kantaro: -- hey, hold on! Wait for me!


[sfx: car door closing]
Aoi: Ah...! That was a close call.
Kantaro: And I still haven't gotten to eat breakfast! Or I guess it's more like lunch, now...
Aoi: But we... [giggle] That was a sort of real idol-like moment, wasn't it?
Toma: Idols? Us? Why, I never!
Shogo: Who'd have thought?
Aoi and Toma: [laughing]
Toma: Well, then. Before we move on to our next stop on the tour, let's grab some lunch.
Shogo: We should probably just get something from a drive-thru so we don't cause a scene again.
Toma: Got it. By the way, everyone. Here! Hats and sunglasses and something to cover up our faces, to stay disguised.
Aoi: Agreed.
Toma: Well, then, shall we go?
Kantaro: Go where?
Toma: Hehe. Why spoil the fun by telling you before we get there? And away we go!!
[sfx: car driving off]


[sfx: car arriving, people chattering]
Toma: And here we are! Here we are at stop number two on our driving tour!
Kantaro: An amusement park...?
Aoi: I know where we are.
Shogo: Yeah, so do I. This was where we had our first outdoor show, to celebrate the release of our album.
Toma: Got it in one!
Kantaro: Why are you acting like I don't know that?
[sfx: people having fun in the bg]
Aoi: ... hey, hey, over there! Isn't that the stage we performed on?
Shogo: But I don't remember it being this small.
Kantaro: I mean, we've all grown since then.
Aoi: ... heh. Maybe so.
Toma: At the time, I was super nervous to do our first outdoor show.
Shogo: If you don't totally stop them in their tracks, the audience can just up and leave mid-performance... my legs felt like jelly the entire time we were backstage.
Aoi: Little kids can be a very... honest audience.
Kantaro: ... but I think it went well.
Aoi: Mm. Once we came down from getting caught up in the performance...
Shogo: There were a bunch of smiling children waiting for us.
Toma: Right? They were looking at us with their eyes all sparkling. It felt like we were superheroes.
Aoi: Thinking back on it-- Kantaro, you were really popular with the kids, weren't you?
Shogo: Didn't one little girl give you a piece of candy she was halfway through eating?
Kantaro: Well, it was because I was cute.
Toma: Maybe she thought you and her were the same mental age~.
Kantaro: Hah? What's that supposed to mean!?
Man 1: Excuse me, but are you guests?
Toma: Ah, security staff...? So we need a pass or appointment or something to be around here? Sorry, we don't have one...
Man 1: I... see. Well, I'm terribly sorry, but would all of you mind accompanying me to the security office?
VISTY: ... eh?


[sfx: door closing, VISTY all laughing]

Aoi: What kind of idols get mistaken for creepers!?
Shogo: I mean, if you think about it, we do look like a bunch of grown men in hats and sunglasses and masks...
Toma: It's super sus, isn't it?
Kantaro: What a dumb situation to be in!
Toma: Well! Let's move rapidly along to our next stop!
[sfx: car driving off]


[sfx: ocean waves, footsteps on sand]

Aoi: This is...
Kantaro: ... ... this is where we started being LeftoVISTY...
Toma: Alright. This is the final stop on our driving tour!
Shogo: This beach is... the first place we held a live show after becoming a four-man group.
Kantaro: ... why... would you bring us here...? We were in a good mood and you just threw that in the trash!!
Toma: Is that what you think?
Kantaro: Of course it's what I think!! We were out of our minds with shock and grief and halfway falling apart but we still had to get on stage!
Aoi: ... I've never forgotten that day. Even when we got the courage to take the stage, the audience was barely half of what we what it would have been when Kei was with us... if that. [sigh] How much of VISTY's very existence was riding on him? It was almost funny...
Toma: And no sooner than we started the show, it started to rain, and what audience that had come had to pack up and leave.
Shogo: By the time we finished singing, we were completely soaked, and there were only a few Stellas left.
Toma: You know, at the time, I really thought we were done for... after the show, on this beach, I cried a lot.
Aoi, Shogo, Kantaro: ...
Toma: But. We're not done yet. Shogo, Aoi, Kantaro, and me. We're still standing as four.
Aoi: ...
Shogo: Toma...
Toma: Gonna be honest, I was super depressed when we lost at the Paradox Live. I felt so bad for all the Stellas who had been supporting us up to this point. I cried about it in secret. But... this time, it wasn't crying like I cried back then. This time I wasn't crying because I felt sorry for myself, or like I wasn't worthy. I cried because I didn't want to lose-- because I knew we could do more. I was crying because I really believed in us.
Aoi: ... I feel the same way. I haven't been able to sleep... and it's embarrassing to say, but... I've been crying every night. But... like Toma said. I'm not crying for the same reason I did back then. I'm not crying because I'm despairing, or because I can't envision a future for myself. I've just been so frustrated. Maybe it was presumptuous to think we could go up against the champions, but... but I really thought we had a chance. That's how positive the response we got was. I was able to be my real self on that stage.
Shogo: Me, too. I think we were able to put on an amazing performance as idols. I was ready to put up a serious fight with the four of us. I won't let anyone call us LeftoVISTY anymore. VISTY are going to become the brightest star in the sky. I think we can even make our lies become truth. I really think that.
Kantaro: ... um... for the record... I wasn't shutting myself away because I was depressed! I mean... I cried for a few days, but... I was working on our song for the next battle! ... we'll have to go against 1Nm8 in the consolation match. I have to make a sound that won't lose out to Kei. I got so preoccupied with it... I just wanted to focus on that.
Toma: Oh, for real? We were all worried about you, though.
Kantaro: Hah? I never asked you to worry about me!
Shogo: Hahah... It's fine. You're still the same Kantaro as ever.
Toma: What's with that?
Aoi: [laughs] ... thanks, Toma. I feel like I understand my own feelings a lot better now. ... and everyone else's feelings, too.
[sfx: Aoi and Toma laughing]
Shogo: ... alright. Then... ... there's something I need to talk to you guys about.
Aoi and Toma: ...?
Kantaro: What is it...?
Shogo: I haven't been able to tell you guys this... I thought I might just keep it to myself until after the Paradox Live was over, but... I feel like I can tell everyone now. Please try to stay calm while you listen. Before the battle... the president told me... that if we didn't show results in the Paradox Live, then we...

Kantaro: What? Is that all?
Aoi: Indeed. That sounds like something the president would say.
Shogo: ... eh?
Toma: [clapping hands together] Sorry, Shogo! To be honest with you, we've kind of known for a while.
Shogo: ... you... have?
Aoi: Not telling us because you were worried about us... that's very like you, Shogo. I'm sorry you had to go through that.
Kantaro: But you worry way too much. It's not like we're that fragile. You're our leader. Don't be so hard on yourself.
Shogo: ... ah... ...
Toma: So, now that Shogo has shared his burden with all of us, shall we progress to our final activity?
Kantaro: What, we're still not done?
Shogo: What do you have in mind?
Toma: Turning out to the sea and yelling what we've been holding in our hearts. Very spirit of youth, don't you think?
Aoi: ... for real...?
Toma: For real-for real! You see it all the time in manga and stuff like that. I've always wanted to try it myself!
[sfx: Toma turning to the sea]
Toma: Alright, consolation round, bring it on! We're totally gonna win! I've still got more left in me!!!
Kantaro: ... dude, that's so cringe...
Toma: Alright! your turn, Kantaro!
Kantaro: What? Why me!?
Toma: Come on, you're up!
Kantaro: ... ... nn... Just you wait and see, Kei!! I'm gonna make the best track ever!! I'm gonna make you regret ever leaving VISTY!!!
Aoi: Heheh... that's good! ... So that I can keep being myself!! I'm going to shine!!! I'm going to be a light that shines down on our Stellas!! ... come on, Shogo, you too!
Shogo: ... ah...! We're idols!!! We're going to keep delivering dreams on stage!! We're going to make our lies into reality!! We're going to win!!! We're VISTY!!!
VISTY: [yelling, then breaking apart into laughter]

[sfx: sound of waves, beep]
VISTY: Good eveVISTY!!
Shogo: All of our Stellas are the source of our strength! I'm Visty's big brother, Shogo!
Aoi: Let's have a lovely time together, my Stellas... I'm Aoi!
Kantaro: My smile is worth a million Likes! Social media expert Kantaro~!
Toma: Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? That would be me-me-me! It's Toma!
Shogo: Sorry it's been so long since our last Stella Live. We came out to the ocean today!
Toma: Can you hear the sound of the waves~?
Aoi: Quite a romantic outing, under a brilliant starry sky...
Kantaro: Oh! We just got a really nice comment comment! "Good VISTY evening! I was at your performance in the Paradox Live. Everyone was so great, it brought me to tears, thank you!"
Shogo: We're the ones who should be thanking you for cheering us on!
VISTY: Thank you!
Toma: Ah! This Stella is saying they watched the livestream of the performance! Thank you, too!
Aoi: I'm so happy... there are so many encouraging comments. ... it's fine. We're alright.
Kantaro: We've got all our Stellas, after all! We don't have time to cry, we sparkle so much it almost hurts!
Shogo: Ah, this comment mentions recognizes this beach... it's from a Stella who stayed and listened to us to the end on that rainy day...
Toma: For real?
Shogo: "I'm always so pumped up because of how hard you guys are always working, so I hope you'll keep reaching for the stars! I'll love VISTY for life!"
Aoi: ... thank you so much. I feel like as long as we have our Stellas, then there's no height we can't reach.
Shogo: We won't just let our dreams stay dreams. One day, for sure, they'll come true!
[sfx: ocean waves]

[sfx: phone button clicking]
Kantaro: Whoa! We already have over 100,000 views!
Aoi: Didn't you say something about not using your smartphone until the track was done?
Kantaro: The ban just applies to egosearching. This is different.
Toma: Honestly, after we lost, I was really nervous about how it was gonna go over.
Shogo: But it seems our performance really resonated with all of the Stellas.
Aoi: ... I guess we weren't the only ones who cried with frustration at the loss, were we?
Toma: Next time, we'll definitely have to make sure our Stellas keep smiling until the very end!
Shogo: Yeah. Toma, Aoi, Kantaro, and me... VISTY is four people now, but it's not just the four of us alone.
Aoi: It really isn't... the Stellas are always with us.
Kantaro: That... I want to convey that feeling into our next song.
Toma: Alrighty, then! How about we go out for yakiniku for dinner to keep our spirits up?
Kantaro: Ooh, yay! Meat, meat!
Aoi: I agree! It's good to treat ourselves once in a while.
Shogo: Alright! And we can head to someplace with a lot of sweets after dinner!
Toma: Okay, but meat first.
VISTY: [laughing]
[sfx: car driving away]

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