Paradox Live Consolation Round "SHOWDOWN" - GokuLuck

note: I'm REALLY uncertain about a lot of this one because GokuLuck are. Kind of rough talkers and there's a lot of Stuff happening. But I tried my best, lmao.

[sfx: footsteps, door opening]

Yuto: Good morning, eve... ry...o... wh-wh-what happened here!? There's a hole in the wall! And another one here! This is awful... the whole room is trashed...! It looks like a fight broke out... what in the world happened!?
Ryoga: Hah?!
Kenta: ...
Shion: [sigh]
Kenta: You and your world-class anger problems happened here.
Yuto: ... eh? Eh? EH? EH?
Shion: [sigh] As soon as we got here you started raising hell. You punched the wall, broke things, and when Ryoga tried to stop you you practically sent him flying too.
Yuto: ... eh...? [shuddering] You're really saying... that this was all me...?
Shion: That's exactly what we're saying.
Ryoga: ... we did some of it, too.
Yuto: All of you... did?
Kenta: We were just following our dear sweet warden's lead. Is that a problem?
Yuto: ...
Shion: I mean, considering the results, it's only natural to get a bit enraged, isn't it?
Ryoga: It's not like we can just take it out on some rando. What were we supposed to do?
Yuto: Then... to cope with losing the Paradox Live we all flew into a rage and did... all of this...?
Kenta: Try to keep up, smooth-brain.
Ryoga: Not like you'd remember it...
Yuto: ... ... it's true that I don't remember much of what happened last night, even when we were on stage... but please let me say this. Everyone did their best. We're just a few steps behind Akan Yatsura. It was a job well done! It was a major accomplishment what we all achieved, so keep your chins up!
Ryoga, Shion, and Kenta: ...
Yuto: And, the battle isn't over yet! If we win the next round--
[sfx: Ryoga slamming hand into the wall]
Yuto: Tosa-kun--! Oh, no, that's gonna be another hole in the wall...
Ryoga: You bastard, how are you not frustrated about this!?
Yuto: Eh?
Ryoga: It was just a little further... just a little further and I would have caught up to Satsuki. I could have taken victory in one shot. But now... fuck... he's always just one step ahead...
Yuto: Tosa-kun, you really put in a genuine effort in the battle. So, I think--
Ryoga: Shut the fuck up! What would you know!?
Yuto: Tosa-ku--!!
[sfx: Ryoga grabbing Yuto]
Ryoga: "Keep our chins up"!? Miss us with that shit!! Shove that fake dopey smile and those platitudes up your ass!!
Yuto: --! Tosa-kun, violence isn't...
Shion: Just let him go. Getting worked up isn't going to get us anywhere.
Ryoga: HAH!?
Kenta: What use is telling him that gonna do? It doesn't change the fact that this dumb bastard doesn't remember anything.
Shion: After all, the one who was actually standing on stage was the other Inukai.
Yuto: Um...
Ryoga: Then... shouldn't we ask the other Inukai?
Yuto: Eh?
Shion: Oh, come on, Ryoga, give us a break from him...
Kenta: What if he gets violent again?
Ryoga: Who cares? Oi. Inukai!
Yuto: Y-yes?
Ryoga: I know you can hear me. Get your ass out here!
Yuto: Tosa-kun--!
[sfx: Ryoga grabbing Yuto]
Ryoga: Cram it! You're not the one I wanna talk to! Get out here, you useless bastard!
Yuto: ... eh...?
Kenta: Ah, and there it goes.
Yuto: ... [sigh] [laugh] Hey, shit-for-brains. What do you think you're doing, raising a hand to a prison warden?
Ryoga: --!
Yuto: You really must be a glutton for punishment!
[sfx: Yuto grabbing Ryoga, throwing him into a piece of furniture]
Kenta: Damn, he really wasn't wasting time showing up.
Shion: He never does, though. Can't he ever come out a little more peacefully?
Ryoga: ...!
Shion: Just what I wanted. More holes in the walls.
Yuto: You know what? I'm in a really foul mood right now. Why don't I just fucking kill you.
Shion: Well, well, let's not say that.
Ryoga: We want to talk. For real.
Yuto: And what's wrong with talking with the lapdog[1]? You want to have a nice little quiet meeting and talk about yesterday?
Kenta: I mean, for starters...
Yuto: Ah?
Kenta: You... why are you doing hip hop with us?
Yuto: Hah? ... It's just a formality. It's the only way to keep him in one piece in that shithole. That's all there is to it.
Shion: Ah? Is that really all?
Yuto: Besides that, he wants to do it. Moron. He really believes in some shit about making music together with you guys.
Ryoga: Then what about you?
Yuto: Ah?
Ryoga: [sigh] What do you get out of doing hip hop with us? From standing on stage with GokuLuck?
Yuto: I...

[flashback begins]
Prison Guard: No need to be so nervous.
Yuto: Y-yessir.
Prison Guard: They're not really so tough once you get used to dealin' with 'em.
[sfx: buzzer, prison doors opening, whistle blowing]
Prison Guard: Oi! All you assholes! Meet 'yer new warden!
Yuto: I- I'm Inukai Yuto! Everyone-- everyone here is in prison because of a crime they committed, but you are here to reflect on your wrongdoings, not to be punished for them! I believe the day will come that all of you will be able to re-enter society as upstanding citizens. I will serve my duty to the best of my abilities. Let's all do our best together!
[sfx: deafening silence]
Yuto: ... uh... um... eh... w-w... was it something that I said...?
Prison Guard: [laughing] Nope. Inukai-kun, you didn't say nothin' at all. [laughs] Everyone listenin', you heard the man! Welcome our enthusiastic newcomer real warmly!
Kenta: What the hell's with making a shit opening play like that? I'd just kill myself now and get it out of the way.
Shion: If he's stupid enough to believe him just because they're coworkers, then he's in for a world of pain. He doesn't seem to realize that this is the kind of place where if you've got that much faith anyone, you've already lost.
Kenta: How long you think he'll last? www.[2] Should be interesting.

[sfx: instrumental music; whistle blowing, running footsteps]
Yuto: Um, excuse me, you guys! Use of music players outside of break time is not allowed.
Prisoner 1: Hah?
Yuto: I-it's against the rules. You have to stop.
[sfx: music stopping, man grabbing Yuto]
Prisoner 1: You gonna be the one who stops me?
Yuto: I-it's against the rules, so--
Prisoner 1: Hah? What're the rules?
Yuto: I-it--!
[sfx: Yuto getting attacked]
Prisoner 1: Hey, newbie, what kind of fuckin' place do you think this prison is? Lemme clue you in on how things work here.
[sfx: Yuto getting attacked again]
Yuto: ...! Violence isn't...!
Prisoner 1: Look around you! Everyone here's been cast aside by your respectable society! Reflecting on our crimes? Hah! What a fucking joke!
[sfx: violence against Yuto's person continues]
Yuto: T-that's--!
Prisoner 1: You expect us to just suddenly get sweet and polite now!?
[sfx: Yuto about to hurl]
Prisoner 1: Go ahead and cry for help; none of your comrades are gonna come to help you. They might even thank us for dealin' with you. That's the kind of place this is!
Yuto: T-that's...
Prisoner 1: Hey! Let's have a welcoming party! Let's all give our warmest regards to pretentious little Mister Believer!
[sfx: crowd of prisoners cheering]
Yuto: ... someone...?
[sfx: thud]
Kenta: Come the fuck on! You're gonna do this while I'm in the middle of an online match? Fucking idiots.
Prisoner 1: M-Mikoshiba-san!
Kenta: All you fuckers running your mouths are gonna get picked up on my mic, you know? How 'bout I just kill all of you and get my KDR higher, huh?
Shion: [yawn] This woke me up. Would you mind not interrupting my nap?
Prisoner 1: ... my apologies, Kaida-san.
Shion: Oi. Break it up, break it up.
Yuto: ... t-thank you very much for helping me.
Kenta: Didn't do it to help but okay.
Yuto: You're... Mikoshiba Kenta-kun, right?
Kenta: Hah?
Yuto: And you're... Kaida Shion-kun, correct?
Shion: You...?
Yuto: Eheh... I've tried to commit everyone's names to memory. It feels a little harsh to call everyone by numbers. ... ah... You may think it's silly of me to say this, but I think that calling everyone by name and recognizing them as individuals is the important first step towards building a relationship of trust.
Shion and Kenta: ...?
Kenta: [sigh] ... oi. Rookie Warden.
Yuto: Y-yes?
Kenta: For starters, let me tell you how things work around here.

Yuto: ... so, in Prison Rap, the winner of the regular rap battles is at the top of the pecking order...?
Kenta: Yeah. The guy at the absolute top is called the king, and his power is basically absolute. I'm number two at the moment. But! It's basically a foregone conclusion that I'll take the king spot eventually.
Shion: So you're aware, I'm number three.
Yuto: Ah... then... number one... the king... who is he, then...?
Shion: That's... well, look forward to tonight, hm?
Yuto: Ah... y-yes...


Prisoner 2: Here he is! King Ryoga!
[sfx: crowd of prisoners cheering]
Yuto: W-what's going on, senpai?
Prison Guard: As you can see, on prison rap nights, the ban on alcohol and cigarettes is lifted, too.
Yuto: Then--!
Prison Guard: It lets them vent off some steam. See, everyone here's the trash that got cast aside by society, and when you bunch a lot of trash together, it'll start lettin' off fumes, right? So we let them do this once a month, let them sing a little song and indulge their habits. It placates 'em. Heh. Bunch'a bastards.
[sfx: prisoners being rowdy]
Ryoga: [as if over speaker] ... tch... Come on, you bastards... give me somethin' to chew on! Who's got the spine!?
[sfx: prisoners chanting]
Yuto: Are... aren't you going to intervene?
Prison Guard: Ain't no reason to. You stupid or something?
Yuto: Eh...?
Ryoga: Oi! Any challengers!? Who wants to get eaten alive!?
[sfx: crowd cheering, whistle blowing]
Yuto: Tosa Ryoga-kun...!
Ryoga: Hah?!
Yuto: Please step down from that stage at once! This is supposed to be a place for you to reflect on your wrongdoing! You can't just do whatever you want!
Prisoner Mob 1: The fuck's this guy on about!?
Prisoner Mob 2: He not know how things work here!?
Yuto: E-everyone, please step aside! Please make way!
Prisoner Mob 3: Rush him!
Prisoner Mob 4: Get him!
[sfx: everyone bumrushing Inukai]
Kenta: wwwwww! Suddenly things are getting interesting!
Shion: What now, Ryoga?
Ryoga: ...
[sfx: sound of asses getting beaten]
Kenta: ... for real?
Shion: That was sudden.
Yuto: ... oi. It's time to deal with the trash.
Prisoner 1: --?
Yuto: You laid a hand on a prison guard. That's provocation. ... you. Guard over there.
Prison Guard: Eh- me?
Yuto: Throw this away for me.
Prison Guard: Y-yes!
[sfx: running away]
Yuto: So you're the head of this shitshow?
Ryoga: Yeah.
Yuto: And here, the strongest rapper is the one who gets to be the boss. The fine print doesn't matter. Right?
Ryoga: Yeah.
Yuto: I heard you wanted someone to come at you, right?
Ryoga: ...?
Yuto: Hand me the mic. I'll be the one to challenge you.
Ryoga: ...!
Kenta and Shion: ...!
[sfx: prisoners getting rowdy]
Ryoga: If you think you can, come and get me. I'll eat you alive.
Yuto: Heh. I'll do my best. Try and go for the throat. I'll fucking kill you.

[flashback ends]


Yuto: I...
Ryoga: Answer me. Why are you doing hip hop with us.
Kenta: Let me chance a guess. It's because you're just like us.
Yuto: Hah. Just like you?
Kenta: Yeah. The reason this personality exists is to protect the other one. Right?
Yuto: ...
Kenta: Regular Inukai is way too fucking straightforward and honest to survive. I've known that since the first day I saw you. There's no fucking way you can be as old as you are and still so naiive as to believe in a bunch of prisoners unless your head is screwed on wrong or something. Believing in anything is how you lose. That's just how it works.
Ryoga: ... but. ... I don't care if it's the other you or not. I'll trust you.
Yuto: What was that?
Ryoga: I realized it immediately when I went against you back in prison. Your anger is real.
Shion: I mean, I'll admit, his rap does have quite an impact.
Yuto: ...
Shion: Life's a bitch, but it's the lot you're born into. Can't do anything about that. ... but even if you can't do anything about it, but the kind of despair and anger that tears your heart apart... something like that's in your songs.
Yuto: Tch. Said like you have any idea what you're talking about.
Kenta: But you really do seem to get what's up just like we do. That's why you teamed up with us, probably.
Yuto: What of it?
Ryoga: We put our trust in you.
Kenta: Don't get it twisted. We just have a common goal-- think of it like we're just partying up for a match. The other you keeps trying to act like we're fucking friends. .. but on stage, it's different. ... if you don't trust the person standing next to you, you're never gonna win...
Shion: Hm. Whatever happened to believing in anything is how you lose?
Ryoga: We ain't done yet. Whoever we go up against, we'll tear them apart. We'll win this time!
Kenta: I don't give a shit about reintegrating with society... but only fucking cowards drop out of a game just because they got on a losing streak.
Shion: Standing on stage at the Paradox Live... it felt so good I was nearly blown away.
Ryoga: Inukai. Let us hear your answer.
Yuto: ... heh. Hahah! I... I... ... ... .. uh? ... what... just happened? Why is everyone... looking at me like that...?
Ryoga, Shion, Kenta: [sigh]
Kenta: Of fucking course he's fucking useless right at a critical moment.
Shion: Now, let's see if that does it...
Yuto: Ah-- I... I... did I do something wrong again!?
Ryoga: He ain't comin' back.
Shion: Guess we're out of luck, then. Well. We may as well ask this Inukai, just in case.
Kenta: Ryoga-chan. Go ahead. Ask.
Ryoga: ... ah... do you... trust us?
Yuto: Y-yes! I believe in you!
Kenta: As expected of the moron. There you have it.
Yuto: ... it's true that I have no memory of the time I spend standing on stage as part of GokuLuck. All I have is suffering through the trap reaction that comes after. But that said, I feel like somewhere inside me, I still have the feelings somewhere. Isn't it what you'd call... the vibes? Like... a tremor of the heart? A lingering remnant of the heart-to-heart communication that we have through music. Every time we do it, I feel like it gets stored up somewhere inside of me, and I'm happy for that.
Ryoga, Shion, and Kenta: ...
Yuto: I believe in everyone. All three of you have very different personalities, but tremendous talent! Supporting GokuLuck's hip hop... that is my duty.
Ryoga, Shion, and Kenta: ...
Ryoga: Then... we trust you too.
Yuto: Y-you do...?
Shion: Both you, and the other you hiding in the wings.
Yuto: ... hah?
Kenta: ... what's the fucking point of answering when this dumbfuck's just going to forget it!?
Yuto: I-I'm sorry...! But, ah... uh...
Ryoga: What?
Yuto: Could we... perhaps... maybe clean this room up? You know, to um, tidy up, and lift our spirits? It might be good to prepare for the next battle, so...
Kenta: ... ... punishment game!! That Inukai will be playing alone.
Yuto: W-w--- punishment for what?
Kenta: Punishment for misreading the room.
Yuto: T-that's... everyone, please help me out!
Ryoga: Why bother cleaning up again?
Shion: It's not going to stay clean for long.
Kenta: Well? What're you waiting for?

[1] Literally he refers to the other personality as "pet dog Inukai", which is a play on words that doesn't translate (“飼い犬 犬飼", “kaiinu inukai”,); I've translated it as "lapdog" to be consistent with my TL of the RTL Opening Show.
[2] Reminder: www is JP netspeak for "lol" and is how I communicate Kenta's shitty hyena laugh.

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