Who's this clown?

Implying he's not even one of the better-known clowns.

He's called Jakkal
But he's also been known as SK, Spiky, Kazz, Glitchgoat, PlagueMD, Rek, G0DF0X
But his real name is: Ken
And he's Old enough to rent a car
He lives In the Pacific Northwest, USA
Please use He/him pronouns only, absolutely no exceptions


I'm Jakkal!

I'm a funky little guy who likes joseimuke anime, retro video games, and all manner of creature franchises. Basically everything went wrong from the moment that I played Yoshi's Island for the first time, and it got worse when I signed up for Neopets, and I'm still paying the price for all of it.

I like writing and translating (Japanese > English), and I draw sometimes (very sometimes).

I'm too much of a weeaboo for the furries and too much of a furry for the weeaboos. You may see my fursonas around the site; you can look at them a more on your own time over on my characters page!

I'm on that fudanshi shit all day erry day. My thoughts on yaoi? You're gonna hear them. (They are that it rules.)
My most toxic traits are that I genuinely enjoy eating salad, and I enjoy playing Mario Party.

The best way to get in contact with me is via Twitter for the time being!

Some cool stuff that I like

Active Fandoms: Paradox Live, A3!, Idolish7, Mahoutsukai no Yakusoku, Touken Ranbu, The Idolm@ster SideM, Digimon, Pokemon
Check here for more about my ships and faves.
Other Media I Like: Yoshi games, MOTHER/EarthBound, Donkey Kong, Undertale, Dororo (2019), Neopets, Subeta, indie games, Animal Crossing, SNES + N64 era games, Sonic the Hedgehog (games only, mostly focus on the Dreamcast era), Mario Party
Not-So-Fandom Stuff: Literary criticism, goats, cats, foxes, drawing (sometimes), pixel art, writing, translating, linguistics, professional ice hockey (San Jose Sharks), punk zines, speedrunning, Carly Rae Jepsen

Some not-so-cool stuff I don't like

Tech bros, tomato-based sauces, undisclosed machine translation, irony poisoning, weirdos who think screaming at other marginalized people for wanting the wrong fake anime boys to kiss is good praxis