What's this site about? What's the point?

Well, broadly speaking, it's just a personal site, so it's just my stuff; my thoughts, my art, my translations, my fleeting fancies. I think that's reason enough! But I'd like to share some of my reasoning and ethos. You could call this a manifesto, if you were so inclined, but it's more a handful of thoughts.

On my own terms

I know a lot of people have a lot of issues with social media, and I by no means want to undermine them.
But I, personally, have put a lot of effort into curating my social media experience, which means that for the most part, my personal experience with social media is broadly not awful.

But I also don't love the demands of it. I've never liked the idea of making "content" and I have an allergic reaction to the idea of buidling a following. I like the level of control that a site gives me. I've made sites before for hosting stuff like my big Digimon fic projects and general putzing around on Neopets and Subeta (note: I still enjoy doing these, to this day), so this is just the obvious next step.


I mean this both in terms of like "accessible design" (which is, sadly, why I've gone out of my way to try and make this site responsive and clean; sorry for the lack of true 90s web design!) but also in terms of chronology. I hate losing track of things I've said on Twitter or Tumblr, and thus having to dig through my tweets or hope to god I tagged something correctly to find what I said, when I said it, and if I actually said it all.

That's not a problem with a site like this. I can organize stuff at my leisure, and find it easily, no matter if I said it a month ago or a year ago or two minutes ago. It's less ephemeral; it's less about being viewed in the moment. Even if nobody else ever views this site, it has value to me for this reason alone!


I've thought a bit about why I want to do this; why I want to, like, make shrines for characters and things I like that aren't purely informational. And I realized that like... I mean, part of it is that I just want to do it for myself, but also, I hope to share the things I like.

Maybe you're a random passerby who's here because you were checking the "recently updated" page on Neocities, or you're here from Twitter. Maybe you'll look at one of my character shrines, or some of the stuff I've translated, and you'll go, "huh, that looks interesting", and I'd love for more people to give the things I like a chance!

Or you may just go, "Wow, that guy really likes that anime boy. Good for him!" and I think that's good too.


Honestly, I think making web contenttm should be more fun. I want to make pages because I want to make them! I want to talk about the stuff I like! I want to post my translations because I love translating! I want to talk about my faves! I want to make a one-off shrine to a thing I like just becuase I want the excuse to talk about it!


I like personal websites in much the same way I like xerox zines; they're low-commitment, they can be about anything, they should be a little and weird and unique and borne of passion. They can look any way you want, even if it's unreadable or scrappy! They can be about things only you care about! They should be, in fact! No great art was ever achieved with "main color/accent color/header/profile pic".

But, why is it the kickflip zone?

It was a placeholder name and now I'm too committed to it (read: I don't want to edit all my page headers). Always remember to commit to the bit, kids.