Welcome to the Kickflip Zone!

Sorry, I know it's probably a little disappointing that this site is relatively restrained, design-wise, after that sick and cool splash page.

This is a personal site! As with many other people, I've found myself frustrated by how little personal agency or control we have over how we present ourselves on most social media, and how personal sites have mostly become glorified linktrees and carrds.

Ergo, this is my place to kind of put all my stuff in one big bucket! A place to just ramble about stuff I like, make little shrine pages to the various stuff that I love, post my translation work in one tidy place, and generally just kind of recapture some good ol' internet whimsy.

I really like retro video games, joseimuke anime, and creature/monster franchises.

Feel free to drop a hello over on the guestbook, real retro style, or on the site profile if you're more newfangled.

Updates & Changelog

April 4, 2024 I'm always plugging away at little things here and there, and then sometimes I do insane things. Like learn how to fansub because MTL subs pissed me off. Anyway now I'm fansubbing Touken Ranbu Kai and you can find an index of that in my Translations index! Truly embodying the 2005 webcore, or whatever.

August 10, 2023 Not dead! Just been busy with a lot of stuff, some of which has in fact been site-related-- I have moved all of my Paradox Live content over to its own site, Phanto.MOE! It was quickly outpacing the context that a little subdirectory on my personal site, and I wanted to give it some proper attention and care over there.

But while I was here, cleaning things up, I also mirrored my translation of the Mahoyaku Tanabata event from this year! Mahoyaku translations will likely stay here for the time being, since I don't do them nearly often enough (and there's a whole community who does them, so there's less need for a central resource).

April 15, 2023 Did some quick housekeeping! Put up a new mini-essay (read: I asked someone to enable me on Twitter) and will probably be upping another one in the near future) under My Stuff > Writing, and tweaked a few things that needed quick updates. Just because I'm not updating every day at the moment doesn't mean I'm not getting a lot of use out of this thing!

February 28, 2023 Closing out the month by finally getting all of the other Paradox Live translations (songs, the fanbook minimanga) up! Also mirrored over my character and song sorters for Paralive; those are under the general "other" tab. (I should see about updating + mirroring over my Animal Crossing villager one....)
Also-also set up the "other" page under 'my stuff' to show off some of the creative stuff I have made that doesn't neatly fit in any other category!

At the moment a whole lot of the work that needs doing is just mirroring stuff over, and that will probably continue unabated for a while, lol.

February 25, 2023 Decided to bite the bullet and set up a custom domain! I think it's very cute.
More sitely, though: have most of my Paradox Live song translations up, and in the spirit of that, I've got another shrine up! This one is dedicated to cozmez. My beloveds. My hiss hisses. Please enjoy.

February 23, 2023 Another one of the shrines is up! This one's a character shrine. Also mirrored over my Mahoyaku translations, set up the "Writing" page (though it's mostly just links to my stuff on AO3), and did some other this-and-that. The only problem with this site is that I'm having way too much fun coming up with things to put on it and I have other (non-pressing) responsibilities, lmao.

February 22, 2023 Hooray, the first shrine is up! I knew it had to be Yoshi's Island. I'm currently working on mirroring my entire Paradox Live translation into the translations section, but man, you don't realize until you have to import it how many goddamn pages there are that need mirroring. As of the present, the entire main story (+ novels/short stories) should be up. Songs are... getting there, lol.

February 20, 2023 And we're online! I'm not going to denote every single change and update I make over the next little while, because as I import stuff, mirror stuff, and generally sort out how I want to handle this little site, the tweaks and new pages are gonna come fast and furious. Hold tight!