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Resources and Oddities: Translation and Language

Legends of Localization
It was this site, and later the Legends of Localization book on EarthBound, that made me interested in translation! I have to give props, and point to it as still an enduring and really useful resource for how and why things are localized the way they are.

This made the rounds on my part of anime Twitter a while ago, but I've found it wildly useful for translating terms that show up a lot when translating JP > ENG media!

De-mystifying Translation: Introducing Translation to Non-translators
A super interesting free textbook! It's not exactly a light read, and I haven't read it cover to cover yet, but everything I've read is super interesting as a hobby translator myself.

A Japanese dictionary that has saved my ass more times than I care to tell. Whenever I can't figure something out from any of my usual JP-to-ENG dictionaries like Jisho, I turn to Weblio, and more often than not it solves my problem.

Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese
There's a reason it's basically the gold standard.