Mobile Games

This page is really just to serve as a personal reference, but, hey, you may be interested, too! As thorough a listing as I can manage of all of the mobage I've played or am currently playing, organized by status.
I tend to play JP servers where available.

Fun fact: "mobage" is actually a rare case of reverse wasei-eigo! (Yousei-nihongo?) Japanese players tend to call these Soshage, or social games.

Currently Active

The games I'm currently playing. I may or may not be super hardcore about them, but I generally keep up with them.

Server: JP
Playing Since: February 2018
Oshimen: Yamato; will also rank for TRIGGER + Minami
Remarks: I don't play this as intensely as I used to, but every time there's a Yamato ranking event I'm on that like mint jelly on lamb.

Server: JP
Playing Since: July 2018 (Rerolled account in early 2019)
Oshimen: Hisoka; will also rank for Chikage (lol)
Remarks: I currently have at least one copy of every single Hisoka SSR in the game, gacha or event. I'm very normal thank you for asking.

Mahoutsukai no Yakusoku
Server: JP
Playing Since: July 2020 (Rerolled account in November 2020)
Oshimen: Rustica + Chloe
Remarks: I don't play this very intensely and don't really stress about gacha, but I have every anniversary Rustica and Chloe SSR and I refuse to let that streak break.

The Idolm@ster SideM: Growing Stars
Server: JP
Playing Since: Launch day
Oshimen: Altessimo (Kei + Rei)
Remarks: Darn summer Rei lim SSR evading me. >:(

Touken Ranbu -Pocket-
Server: JP
Playing Since: July 2022
Oshimen: Souza
Remarks: I'm obviously quite late to starting this one, but c'est la vie.

Looming In My Future

Whatever the Paradox Live mobage is, it's going to ruin my life when it comes out.


Games that are still alive, AFAIK, but that I ended up dropping. Most of these games last, like, a week at most, lol. I'm either in it for the long haul or I drop like a stone.

Love Live School Idol Festival All Stars - JP Server (I still occasionally reinstall when Lanzhu or Mia gets an event UR, though.)
Twisted Wonderland - JP Server
Twisted Wonderland - ENG Server (I wonder if I'll hate this less in English, he said. He did not.)
Helios Rising Heroes
Blackstar -Theater Starless-
Hypnosis Mic -ARB-
Ensemble Stars Music - JP Server
Obey Me! - ENG Server


Games I played that are dead. Maybe I played them until the end or maybe I dropped them, but if I remember playing them, then here they go.

A3! - English Server
Idolm@ster SideM: Live on Stage
Love Live School Idol Festival - Worldwide
Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live - Worldwide