Other Stuff!

Stuff that doesn't really fit elsewhere. I lump it all under "other", which make it sound like it's an afterthought, but honestly, it could be anything! How exciting.

Original Content

Song of the Now
A "what song are you listening to now?" thread for the retro-modern-new era-throwback.

Mobage I Play
A quick index of the mobile games I play and have played. This is really for myself, but also might be useful if you want to know what I'm into/familiar with.

Widgets, Tools, and Toys

I am not even remotely capable enough of coding these myself; these are just little functional things that I've repurposed for my own fandoms, like sorter tools and spreadsheets I maintain!

Paradox Live Character Sorter
A 1-v-1 favorites picker for Paradox Live! Based on Bathkame's faves sorter.
Paradox Live Song Sorter
An "array"-based favorites picker for Paradox Live's songs!Based on Butterfree's favorite pokemon picker.
A3! JP SSR Tracker
An embed of my SSR spreadsheet for A3! JP server!