Shrines and Fansites

This is really the main bulk of the site, and you know it.
Here are (... or, will be) the webshrines! To my husbandos, to my favorite fandoms, to anything that catches my fancy-- a little one-page tribute to a whole bunch of things that I like! Maybe they'll be fancy. Maybe they'll be informative. Maybe they'll just be a one-off thing meant to record that I liked a thing. Who knows? Not me!

I have a pretty wide definition of "shrine"; basically, these are all just one-page tributes to things I like! They may just be collections of images, or collections of my thoughts, or full-on traditional character shrines. Oftentimes they'll make few attempts at being objective and will be more personal, talking about my feelings or experiences with a thing.


Yoshi's Island
A slightly rambling tribute to my favorite game of all time, Yoshi's Island. Bet you'd never guess that I love this game.


Souza Samonji
From Touken Ranbu. My lovely little bitchy flamingo wife of a sword.

From Paradox Live. A truly unhinged tribute to my favorite twins.