Song of the Now

What's this?
You remember those "what are you listening to right now" threads that used to be in the "off topic" area on every forum? I always liked those. Nobody ever read them, but I enjoyed them!

This page exists to just be a log of whatever song I happen to be really into right now, so I don't have to rely on too-revealing Spotify wrapups to tell me what songs I played the most or was into at any given time.
(Especially because a lot of the crap I listen to isn't on Spotify...)

Date Artist Song Link?
February 22, 2023 不可思議/Wonderboy Pellicule YouTube
February 24, 2023 Hot Dad Just Tell Me What Font to Pick (When I'm Making Websites For Kids) YouTube
February 26, 2023 Carly Rae Jepsen Solo YouTube