Translation Stuff


One of my main hobbies is translation! Though I archive most of my actual translations on Dreamwidth blogs for personal reasons, I'd still like to provide a nice little index of my translations here, and while I'm at it, have a place to store my actual thoughts on translation, especially fan-translation spaces and discourse.


Paradox Live
Probably my most extensive translation project... is in fact so big it has to go on a different site entirely!

Mahoutsukai no Yakusoku
Translations of game content from the mobile game Mahoutsukai no Yakusoku. Mostly a couple event stories (Western Fantasia and Tanabata 2023) and miscelaneous card stories focusing on my two favorite characters, Rustica and Chloe.
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Translation Meta & Commentary

Terms of Use For My Translations
The essential terms of use for anything I've translated.

Jakkal's Field Guide to Undisclosed Machine Translation
A (rather anecdotal) guide to noticing machine translation (MTL) that has not been disclosed as being MTL.