i7 RabbiTV: Yuki (bMAGA! in Manami Nature Park)

1: Special Feature: Summer Activities!

[int: Work office]
Yamato: A "Summer Activities" Special Feature for BNO Magazine, huh?
Yamato: This is the first time the three of us have been assigned to work together on a special magazine feature, isn't it?
Yamato: More than that, it's the main feature. We'll be getting more pages than we would for a regular magazine feature.
Yuki: I'm happy. Not just for the chance to expand my horizons for idol work, but also for the chance to work with the two of you, Yamato-kun, Tamaki-kun.
Yamato: Being in the outdoors with the two of you sounds like it may spell a bit of trouble for me, but I'll do my best.
Tamaki: Uhm, where was it we were gonna be taking pictures...? "Manami Nature Park"?
Tamaki: Huh... so we're going to be going outdoors in a park?
Tamaki: If we're going to a park, then it's hardly like we're going out in the outdoors at all.
Yamato: Tamaki, by any chance are you imagining something like the park near our dorms?
Tamaki: Yeah, just, like, a little bit bigger, right?
Yamato: It's much more than "a little bit bigger".
Yamato: Here, it's in the job document. It says it's "a large outdoor facility in the outskirts of the Kanto area, scheduled to open this summer". It says you can do everything from the new and trendy glamping to a proper full-fledged camping experience.
Tamaki: Ohhh.
Tamaki: ... hm? It says here there's a forest and a lake?
Tamaki: In a park?
Tamaki: And here it says there's a whole mountain.
Yamato: Yep. At that point, you're basically out in nature for real.
Yamato: Speaking of, Yuki-san, I'm a little surprised you accepted a job like this.
Yuki: I take matters of work seriously.
Yuki: ... but that said, the idea of being outdoors, exposed to bright sunlight in the middle of the day, does sound somewhat akin to being tortured.
Tamaki: Talking about hating sunlight makes you sound like a vampire, Yukirin. You're also really pale, too. I can imagine you sleeping in a coffin really easily.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: What a surprise. I would never have expected Tamaki-kun to be the one to figure out my true identity; I've even managed to hide it from Momo.
Tamaki: ... huh?
Yuki: I particularly like the blood of healthy teenage boys. It's as sweet as freshly pickled tomatoes.
Tamaki: Y-you're joking, right...?
Yuki: Hehe.
Tamaki: You're just bluffing, right?
Tamaki: Hey, come on. Yukirin.
Yamato: ... Yuki-san, please stop bullying our dear Tama.
Yuki: "Our dear Tama". You make it sound like he's a pet cat or something.
Yuki: Your cat is just very easy to tease; I practically had no choice. I'm just being playful.
Tamaki: You freaked me out...!
Tamaki: It's hard to tell when you're kidding, Yukirin, it's scary!
Yuki: You would be even cuter if you could be as honest with your feelings as Tamaki-kun is, Yamato-kun.
Yamato: I would rather die than let people think of me that way.
Yuki: What a pity.
Yuki: Well, all jokes aside, I admit I was a little bit interested in this feature.
Yuki: They were talking about wanting this article to spark an interest in the outdoors in even the most indoor-inclined of people.
Yuki: So I felt I was the right fit for the job.
Yamato: I can see the logic there. I'm much the same way.
Tamaki: I feel like I'm alright with going outside.
Yamato: Here, Tama, it says you're in charge of the "tents by the lake" part of the article, right?
Tamaki: Ooh.
Yamato: They probably wanted to use your energetic, lively image for this part.
Tamaki Hm... ... ah!?
Tamaki: Yama-san, look here! It says "at night, the sky is full of stars" here!
Tamaki: So we'll be able to stargaze!
Yuki: There goes Tamaki-kun's eyes, shining bright as the stars themselves.
Yamato: Looks like I've been assigned to the forest area? Looks like it's a log house out in the forest or something like that.
Yamato: And Yuki-san is in the viewing area, which is supposed to be an elegant glamping sort of experience.
Yamato: It looks like they took care to put the right people in the right places.
Yuki: I suppose they placed us in ways that would match our images.
Tamaki: I'm totally looking forward to it! I wanna start shooting right away!
Yuki: I wonder if ten cans of bug spray will be enough...
Yamato: I'll ask the others if they have any recommendations.

[int: Re:vale Office]
[sfx: door opening]
Yuki: Thank you for your hard w-- oh my, you're in the office, too?
Momo: Yup! I was in the area, so I thought I'd drop by.
Momo: In fact, running into you here by chance means it must be fate, Yuki!
Yuki: I think it's perfectly rational for both you and me to be here; you are aware we're idols, correct?
Rinto: Thank you for your hard work, Yuki-kun. How did the meeting for "BNO Magazine" go?
Momo: ... by meeting, you mean that magazine feature that Yuki was talking about the other day?
Yuki: Indeed. It's a special feature on the outdoors for summer.
Momo: Really! I mean, it's just kind of hard to imagine you in the outdoors, Yuki!
Yuki: Isn't it? I'm of the same mind.
Momo: But, if you could become a lover of the outdoors like this, Yuki, I'd be super duper happy!
Momo: Camping with you and getting to have a barbecue is a super rare occurance! It'd be super fun!
Yuki: Unless I'm doing it for your birthday, Momo, I have absolutely no interest in grilling meat in the outdoors.
Momo: So then... you'd do it special for me 'cause you looove me?
Yuki: Doubly so since it's summer, so the sunlight is beating down.
Momo: Swing and a miss...!
Yuki: I do not feel the need to answer the question of whether or not I love you.
Momo: Natch!
Momo: But I mean, they make really good sunscreen these days. It works both at the beach and in the mountains.
Yuki: Sunscreen...?
Momo: Yuki?
Yuki: Perhaps if I went out and got a perfect tan I would be able to withstand the sun better...
Momo: ... Yuki!?
Yuki: Or rather, maybe I would welcome the sunlight? Would I want to go out and sunbathe in it?
Momo: T-that's...
Momo: I'm not a fan of this! I don't want Yuki to go full ganguro...!
Momo: Yuki's gonna become a yamanba gyaru!
Yuki: I said no such thing.
Yuki: And more than that, what year do you think it is?
Momo: Uu... but, if you really do want to go full ganguro, Yuki...
Yuki: You're really worried about this.
Momo: If that's really the path you choose...
Yuki: Hello, is Momo in there? Can you hear my voice?
Momo: Then it's settled, Yuki! Go and burn yourself to a crisp as much as you want! I'll accept any kind of Yuki!
Momo: And besides that, while I was thinking about it, I think even a sunburned Yuki would be super handsome, too--!
Momo: And that brings us back around full circle!
Yuki: I was only kidding.
Yuki: But, there you have it. If you say so, Momo, then I suppose it must be true.
Momo: Sure is!
Yuki: I'm starting to like the idea.
Rinto: Um... sorry to burst your bubble, but that would be a disaster for Yuki-kun's public image and the agency will definitely disapprove!
Momo: Oh, right...
Yuki: Momo, could you tell me about that sunscreen you mentioned earlier?

2: Yuki in the Great Outdoors?

[ext: glamping set]
Cameraman: So, Yuki-san, could I ask you to hold the bread and take a seat on that chair on the wooden deck? I'll get a bird's-eye shot of it from over here!
Yuki: Like this?
Cameraman: Perfect! I'll take the picture now.
[sfx: camera shutter]
Yuki: This shoot is the first time I've ever experienced glamping; it's quite lovely.
Yamato: This wooden deck area and all of the garden furniture have been provided for you, yeah?
Yamato: They even provided this basket of bread.
Yuki: Well, it is a glamorous style of camping all about enjoying luxury accomodations while surrounded by nature.
Yuki: Even though the shoot started early in the morning, everything was already provided on-location, so we're able to relax and take it easy.
Tamaki: Something smells amazing... that looks really good...
Yuki: Tamaki-kun, are you interested in the bread?
Tamaki: Yeah I'm interested!
Yuki: Well, then, how about we get a picture of all of us eating the bread together?
Tamaki: For real!?
Yuki: Yes, for real. It's a special kind of bread baked with natural yeast. It has a unique flavor, and also a very light texture.
Yuki: It has a crunchy crust, and the inside is very fluffy.
Tamaki: Ahh... I'm getting hungry...
Yamato: You already ate breakfast before we left the dormitories, didn't you?
Tamaki: It's just that it smells sweet. I've got like, two stomachs?
Yuki: The scent of nature all around you mixing with the scent of freshly baked bread does feel rather luxurious.
Tamaki: Well then, I'm digging in!
[sfx: camera shutter]
Tamaki: Ah, I ate it all... it was really tasty!
Tamaki: Just like you said, Yukirin, it was both crunchy and fluffy!
Yamato: Is it really okay to take a picture of us just having breakfast?
Yuki: Tamaki-kun, it looks like there's enough if you want seconds.
Tamaki: I'm good!
Tamaki: But hey, it looks like there's a super great view over there. I'm gonna go take a look.
Yamato: Huh? Hey, Tama?
Tamaki: Nyoom!
Yamato: And in the blink of an eye, there he goes...
Yamato: And it looks like he took the cameraman with him.
Yamato: Hope he gets some good photos-- ... ah, Yuki-san? What's up, why are you closing your eyes?
Yuki: When your stomach is full, oxygen can't get to your brain. I'll just lie down until Tamaki-kun comes back.
Yuki: Don't worry, I'm not about to fall asleep. I'm just closing my eyes and meditating a bit.
Yamato: Here in the real world, we call that falling asleep.
Yamato: Come on, get up.
Yamato: Yuki-san!
Yuki: .... hehe.
Yuki: With Yamato-kun here to take care of me, perhaps being in the outdoors isn't so bad.
Yamato: I'm not doing it because I enjoy it. Whether we're outdoors or not, both you and Tama are both way too free-spirited.
Yuki: Yamato-kun, do you remember?
Yamato: ... do I remember what.
Yuki: An incident from a long time ago. An incident from back when you were still a student, and when you still looked down on us like we were trash.
Yuki: I just now remembered a time, a rare occasion, where you took care of me then, too.
Yuki: I had been washing Shizuo-san's car at his request. You gave me a sports drink.
Yamato: Ah, now that you mention it...
Yuki: That was about five years ago, I think.
Yamato: I wasn't doing it to be particularly nice. You just looked pale and dizzy, like if left to your own devices you were going to collapse.
Yamato: It's just kind of rude to let someone die right outside your house, isn't it?
Yuki: I was dazed, and you said to me, "you should go home".
Yamato: ... on second thought, maybe it was out of kindness?
Yuki: I've cherished the plastic bottle that you have me ever since, Yamato-kun.
Yamato: ... huh?
Yuki: It's my precious treasure.
Yuki: I've put it in a most conspicuous place of honor so that it can be seen no matter where you are in my home.
Yuki: I've put cute stickers on it, and every day I replace the cover. Sometimes I even put little glasses on it.
Yamato: Hah...
Yamato: You're lying. You had me scared for a minute there. There's really something wrong with you.
Yuki: Whenever I manage to trick you, Yamato-kun, I feel like pumping my fist in victory.
Yamato: Honestly... Stop saying dumb shit, let's just get back to the photoshoot.
Yamato: I'll call the cameraman over, so please get things ready here, Yuki-san.
Yamato: Excuse me, cameraman-san...
Yuki: And there he goes. I can't believe he's going that far out of his way to call him over.
Yuki: Back then, I had no idea that you were such a kind child who cared so much for the people around you.
Yuki: Hehe.
Yuki: Well, I suppose the outdoors aren't so bad after all.

3: Movie Club Activities

[int: Yuki's apartment]
Mitsuki: We're here!
Gaku: Yuki-san, we're coming in.
Yuki: Welcome. I've been expecting you.
Yuki: I've been looking forward to our very suspenseful night.
Gaku: Putting it that way, it sounds scary, like we're about to begin of a night of horror.
Yuki: We'll be watching a suspense movie that I recommended, correct?
Yuki: Well, it is a suspense movie that we'll be watching, but it's more of a personal drama and there's no gory scenes, so it's a pretty universal recommendation.
Gaku: I didn't want to miss out on mystery night, either.
Yuki: It's been a while since we were able to meet as the movie club, hasn't it? Mitsuki-kun as well, thank you for joining us, even though you just got out of work.
Mitsuki: Oh, not at all! Really, I'm happy just to be invited!
Mitsuki: There's a lot to be learned from the movies that you recommend, Yuki-san!
Yuki: I heard that you enjoy movies as well, Mitsuki-kun. I'm glad to have you.
Yuki: But that said, where is Yamato-kun?
Yuki: We're still missing one member of the movie club.
Mitsuki: It sounded like Yamato-san is still a bit tied up in work.
Gaku: He said over Rabbichat just a bit ago that he would be a bit late.
Yuki: So he did. I must have missed it.
Yuki: Well then, I'll prepare some drinks, so you two can sit back and relax.
Mitsuki: Woah! Sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you very much!
Mitsuki: ... huh, what's that?
Mitsuki: On the table there, that's that magazine that did that outdoor feature recently, right?
Yuki: Have you read it?
Mitsuki: Yeah! Yamato-san and Tamaki were also in it, so we had a copy at the dorms.
Gaku: Ah, I also read it.
Gaku: At first I was a bit surprised to hear that you would participate in a feature about the outdoors, Yuki-san. But, I suppose glamping is a good fit for you.
Mitsuki: Relaxing outdoors sounds like a lot of fun!
Mitsuki: If I were the one planning it, I'd plan in lots of kayaking or mountain climbing and have a completely packed schedule...
Yuki: Impressive. It's like a monk's penance.
Mitsuki: No, no, not at all! It's all for fun, you know!?
Yuki: Well, I would be happy if everybody got interested in the outdoors after reading the feature. It was worth it to take pictures with everybody.
Yuki: And I found out that I don't hate glamping.
Yuki: After we wrapped up the photoshoot, I did some research and found out that there are even glamping sites where you can watch movies outdoors.
Yuki: How about we hold mystery night at a glamping site?
Mitsuki: Sounds good to me! I'm in!
Mitsuki: ... I say, but it's not like I'm part of the movie club!
Yuki: Of course you are invited to participate, Mitsuki-kun.
Mitsuki: Woohoo! Thank you!
Gaku: We can all pile into the car and go next time. I'll ask Nikaido about his plans later.
[sfx: Ding-dong]
Gaku: ... ah, speak of the devil.
Mitsuki: That must be Yamato-san. I'll go get the door!
Yuki: Our suspenseful night is off to a fun start, isn't it?

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