Terms of Use for My Translations

These are rules that apply to everything I have translated! Please, understand that I work extremely hard on the translations I make, and I would appreciate if you abided by some simple rules regarding them!

0. These translations are not to be treated as unimpeachable canon, nor as tantamount to official text.
I am a fallible human, and Japanese is not my first language. I try to make translations as accurate as I am able, but please know that I am one guy.

1. Please do not reupload my translations in full anywhere without asking.
This is everything from posting the entire story in screencaps, to using it as subtitles on a video, to just reuploading it to your own space or wiki. Please ask before using my translations for any reason.
I can be contacted most reliably on Twitter.

2. Please do not use my translations for "quote bots" or any other kind of automated account.
I hope this is self-explanatory. Please don't.

3. Please do not retranslate to any other language.
I often take some liberties (and have to make my best guesses), and as such I am not comfortable with my translations being used as a base for translation. If you would like to translate the materials into a non-English language, please do it from the original language (which is usually Japanese).

4. Whenever possible, support the official release.
Be my translation is for a game, an audio drama, or a book, please consider supporting the official releases.

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