My Writing

I am something of a writer, but man oh man, is it hard answering the question "so what do you write?" because... well, it's mostly weird porn. Or really weird essays.
About anime boys. (In both cases.)
But hey, we're all friends here, right? Of course right.

My Weird Essays

Jakkal vs Western BL

A brief thought on why I tend to bounce off of things made by English speakers that purport to be fujobait.

My Fics

I don't particularly want to mirror my actual fics here, but I will toss links over to my AO3 account! This is not a comprehensive list; obviously, you can check my full AO3 profile for everything. This is just some personal faves!

Fics are ordered by fandom first, and then reverse-chronological order (as in, "newest first".)

Once I have some essays/etc I want to write, I'll post them, too. But for now. Fics.

If the fact that most of these are labelled "Explicit" isn't enough for you: Most of these are R18. No children allowed, thanks.

Paradox Live

like honey to the bee - Mature - Implied Mob/Kantaro - 2,187 Words [1/1]

A brief, slightly unhinged Kantaro character study, on the things he'll do to keep people paying attention. Christened the "Kantaro's menhera era" freeform tag for a reason!
cw: Eroticized self-harm

reaching for another - Explicit - Iori/Kanata (implied Nayuta/Kanata, past Yohei/Iori) - 42,574 words [5/5]

My magnum opus at the moment. The fic where Nayuta doesn't come back at the same time that he does in canon, leading to a codependent grief spiral. It's a fun time! (Narrator voice: it was not.)
cw: Extremely dubious consent, dubiously consensual drug use, referenced suicide

you like people who wear perfume - Explicit - Iori/Kanata (implied Nayuta/Kanata) - 5,147 Words [1/1]

In which Kanata gets drugged by a mob and needs to be helped and Iori is very, very helpful.
cw: Nonconsensual aphrodesiac use, mildly dubious consent

staple gun - Unrated - Nayuta/Kanata - 651 words - [1/1]

Kanata still has nightmares, even after Nayuta comes back.
cw: idk it's just kinda weird

this song's dedicated to you, baby - Explicit - One-sided (Fantasizing) Anne/Aoi - 2,103 Words - [1/1]

I thought Aoi-kun deserved to have a nice fic posted on his birthday. So I wrote him jacking off.
cw: None really that aren't impplied by the characters involved?

Mahoutsukai no Yakusoku

of stars and of springtime, of magic and memory - Mature - Rustica/Chloe - 18,135 Words - [1/1]

Wherein an evil wizard steals Chloe's memory, and he and Rustica have to undergo a journey to get it back. Ends in a way that necessarily diverges from canon.
cw: Memory stuff, eye trauma

flightsteps - Explicit - Rustica/Chloe - Vignette Collection

A collection of prompted vignettes about Rustica and Chloe.
cw: Noted on individual chapters.


buff penpen (real, not clickbait) - General - No ship (vaguely Chikage/Hisoka) - 362 words (and art) [1/1]

Buff penpen. No further comment.
cw: None. Buff penpen is real and he will help you.

only thinking about touch - Explicit - Chikage/Hisoka - 1,139 Words - [1/1]

I just wanted to write about my OTP fucking and bantering. So I did. You're welcome, universe.
cw: None.

crude therapy - Explicit - August/Chikage/Hisoka (Variously) -Vignette Collection

Various prompted vignettes about August, Chikage(/April), and Hisoka(/December).
cw: Noted on individual chapters.

the sun is rising in my head - Mature - Chikage/Hisoka, implied August/Chikage/Hisoka - 917 Words [1/1]

Chikage and Hisoka do a great job getting over August (they did not).
cw: Kind of weird grief processing?


heartburn - Mature - Yamato/Yuki, implied Chiba/Yuki - 1,292 Words - [1/1]

Hey fellas do you ever pine after your dad's boytoy
cw: See above.

astroboy & me for life - Explicit - Ryuu/f!Tenn - 7,782 Words - [2/2]

I'm sorry this is literally just almost 8,000 words of Ryuu/rule 63!Tenn porn. Wait no I'm not sorry at all.
cw: Rule 63/nyota/genderflipped character/cisswapped character.

if i told you that i knew about the sun and the moon, i'd be untrue - Explicit - Sardinia/Shinkai, Mob/Shinkai (Hoshimeguri AU) - 4,485 Words - [1/1]

cw: None really it's just really a hentai scenario

hissing little rattlensnake - Explicit - Yuki/Yamato - 4,313 Words - [1/1]

Hey fellas you ever have intercrural sex at one of your dad's weird industry parties?
cw: Potentially mildly underage depending on when you think it happens.